Any yoga pose can heal, any yoga pose can harm. Listen to your body. It knows what it needs.

Why Yoga?

My love for yoga began after attending my first yoga class at a gym when I was 14 years old. Practicing on and off for a few years after that, I started taking regular classes at a studio and was then hooked. I completed my yoga teacher training at De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton, ON in 2018 and love all styles of yoga depending on what my body and mind needs that day.

Current styles taught:
  • Core flow – This class offers a strengthening yoga asana practice with a core segment that introduces participants to basic Pilates principles through integration of Pilates-style exercises. Expect to be challenged, breathe, flow, and experience how both yoga and Pilates can help you to move well and feel connected to your body.
  • Yin yang – For those days where you want to move your body but also know it is asking for some rest, this class will give your body and mind the best of both worlds.  This practice will begin with an energizing flow practice focused on breathing while you build strength and heat, followed by restorative, gentle yin postures to release tension and help you feel grounded.
MCB Nutrition and Movement

Private and Small Group Yoga

Interested in trying yoga but not sure where to start, or looking for a more personalized practice?
  • Private and small group yoga sessions – available $65 per 60 minute session. Interested in nutrition counselling and yoga? Add on a yoga session to your nutrition package for $50. Yoga package rates also available.
  • Corporate yoga classes  – looking to bring yoga to your workplace to help improve employee health and wellness? Contact me for rates and availability. Yoga classes can also be combined with workplace nutrition presentations to help your office achieve an even greater level of mind body well-being.
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Yoga Teaching Schedule

Currently on leave and not teaching yoga.