Nutritious and Delicious Summer BBQ Tips + Recipes

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It's summer. Fresh local produce is all around and we are taking time off work to enjoy the season with friends and family at the cottage, at provincial parks, and in one another backyards for BBQs. I often here clients say that they went to a BBQ on the weekend and they struggled to make the best food choices. If you are going to a BBQ this coming long weekend (or at [...]

Why doesn’t my beer have a nutrition facts panel?

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Have you ever wondered why foods such as cookies, frozen entrees, and chips have to have a nutrition facts panel on them but beverages such as beer, wine, and other forms of alcohol to not? Now don’t get me wrong, I love my red wine and a refreshing beer from one of my local craft breweries but if the federal and provincial regulatory bodies make calorie containing beverages such as pop and [...]

Why does my pee smell funny after I eat asparagus?

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Fresh Ontario Asparagus is now making its way from the farm to markets for the rest of May and June. While it is often available outside of this time frame, the local and thin spears taste the best (in my opinion!) The vegetable is very versatile – it can be steamed, baked, grilled, and sautéed. The only problem for some may be the interesting smelling urine that occurs after eating asparagus. Ever [...]

Say Na to sodium and improve your overall diet

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Your sodium intake may be off the charts. Ever read the label of a food product and see that the daily value of sodium in the product is 30%? You think that’s not a lot, then eat a few more foods with 30% daily value for sodium. Then a few with 10%. Suddenly your intake for the day is 120%. Not so bad right? More is better? Think again. In my experience [...]

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